What is Life?


An Identity Federation (Federation) is an association of organizations that come together to exchange information, as appropriate, about their users and resources in order to enable collaboration, services and resources sharing.

The Lebanese Identity Federation Ecosystem (LIFE) (the Federation) is formed to facilitate and simplify the introduction of shared services across the Federation. This is accomplished by using Federation Technologies to extend the scope of a digital identity issued by one Federation Member to be valid across the whole Federation.

The Federation relies on Home Organizations and Attribute Authorities to correctly and accurately assert information about the identity of End Users to Service Providers, that may use that information to grant (or deny) access to the services and resources they offer to End Users. It is operated and hosted by the American University of Beirut AUB, hereby referred to as “Federation Operator”.


Easy to Use

One Account, that you can use in every registered country and institution. with a single sign-on.


Your credentials are safe. User credentials are not revealed to the service providers.


The federation infrastructure implements easy, standards-compliant and secure methods for exchange of user information.


With one user account, you’ll be able to use many services.